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Client for interacting with the Bielefeld Academic Search Engine API.


BASE API docs:

Access: The BASE API is IP address AND user-agent (see note below) restricted. The user agent is set correctly if you use this package, but you still need to get your IP address(es) white-listed by BASE. Request access at: - Note: the BASE website has a search portal you can use from anywhere; it’s just the API that is IP and user-agent restricted.


  • an IP address is the numeric label identifying a computer or server. the IP address for a computer can change, e.g., if you connect to a VPN
  • a user-agent is a string of text that identifies the software requesting data from a server (in this case BASE’s API).

Data from BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine)


or the dev version

# OR the below should install the same thing
install.packages("rbace", repos = "")