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Details the datasets that your login credentials have access to


get_available_datasets(clear_cache = FALSE)



Boolean detailing if you would like to clear the cached available datasets first. The default is set to FALSE. This option is available so that you can make sure your client fetches any new datasets that you have recently been given access to.


A data.frame with 14 variables that detail the surveys you can download, their url download links and the country, survey, year etc info for that link.


Searches the DHS website for all the datasets that you can download. The results of this function are cached in the client. If you have recently requested new datasets from the DHS website then you can specify to clear the cache first so that you get the new set of datasets available to you. This function is used by get_datasets and should thus be used with `clear_cache_first = TRUE` before using `get_datasets` if you have recently requested new datasets.


if (FALSE) {
# grab the datasets
datasets <- get_available_datasets()

# and if we look at the last one it will be the model datasets from DHS
tail(datasets, 1)