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Read filetype from a zipped folder based on the file ending


read_zipdata(zfile, pattern = ".dta$", readfn = haven::read_dta, ...)



Path to `.zip` file containing flat file dataset, usually ending in filename ``


String detailing which filetype is to be read from within the zip by means of a grep. Default = ".dta$"


Function object to be used for reading in the identified file within the zip. Default = `haven::read_dta`


additional arguments to readfn


if (FALSE) {
# get the model datasets included in the package
model_datasets <- model_datasets

# download just the zip
g <- get_datasets(
dataset_filenames = model_datasets$FileName[1],
download_option = "zip"

# and then read from the zip. This function is used internally by rdhs
# when using `get_datasets` with `download_option = .rds` (default)
r <- read_zipdata(
g[[1]], pattern = ".dta"

# and we can pass a function to read the file and any other args with ...
r <- read_zipdata(
g[[1]], pattern = ".dta", readfn = haven::read_dta, encoding = "UTF-8"