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Searches across datasets specified for requested survey variable definitions. This function (or search_variable_labels) should be used to provide the `questions` argument for extract_dhs.


  search_terms = NULL,
  essential_terms = NULL,
  regex = NULL,



The desired filenames to be downloaded. These can be found as one of the returned fields from dhs_datasets.


Character vector of search terms. If any of these terms are found within the survey question definitions, the corresponding survey variable and definitions will be returned.


Character pattern that has to be in the definitions of survey question definitions. I.e. the function will first find all survey variable definitions that contain your `search_terms` (or regex) OR `essential_terms`. It will then remove any questions that did not contain your `essential_terms`. Default = `NULL`.


Regex character pattern for matching. If you want to specify your regex search pattern, then specify this argument. N.B. If both `search_terms` and `regex`` are supplied as arguments then regex will be ignored.


Any other arguments to be passed to download_datasets


A data.frame of the surveys where matches were found and then all the resultant codes and descriptions.


Use this function after get_datasets to query downloaded datasets for what survey questions they asked. This function will look for your downloaded and imported survey datasets from your cached files, and will download them if not downloaded.


if (FALSE) {
# get the model datasets included with the package
model_datasets <- model_datasets

# download two of them
g <- get_datasets(dataset_filenames = model_datasets$FileName[1:2])

# and now seearch within these for survey variable labels of interest
vars <- search_variable_labels(
dataset_filenames = names(g), search_terms = "fever"


# if we specify an essential term then no results will be returned from
# a dataset if it does not have any results from the search with this term
dataset_filenames = names(g),
search_terms = "fever",
essential_terms = "primaquine",

# we can also use regex queries if we prefer, by passing `regex = TRUE`
vars <- search_variable_labels(
dataset_filenames = names(g), search_terms = "fever|net", regex = TRUE