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Read ODS (OpenDocument Spreadsheet) into R as data frame. Also support writing data frame into ODS file.


Maintainer: Chung-hong Chan [email protected] (ORCID)


Other contributors:

  • John Foster [email protected] [contributor]

  • Sergio Oller [contributor]

  • Jim Hester [email protected] (ORCID) [contributor]

  • Stephen Watts [contributor]

  • Arthur Katossky [contributor]

  • Stas Malavin [contributor]

  • Duncan Garmonsway [contributor]

  • Mehrad Mahmoudian [contributor]

  • Matt Kerlogue [contributor]

  • Michal Lauer [email protected] [contributor]

  • Till Straube [email protected] [contributor]

  • Marcin Kalicinski (Author of included RapidXML code) [contributor, copyright holder]