Region and hotspot info

ebirdregioninfo(loc, format = "full", key = NULL, ...)



The location or hotspot code to be checked. A single location only.


Different options for displaying hierarchy of the region's name: [nameonly|namequal|detailed|detailednoqual|revdetailed|full], defaults to full. Not used for hotspots.


eBird API key. You can obtain one from We strongly recommend storing it in your .Renviron file as an environment variable called EBIRD_KEY.


Curl options passed on to GET


When region is a hotspot, a data frame (with some redundant information) containing:

"locId", "locID": hotspot ID

"name", "locName": hotspot name

"latitude", "longitude", "lat", "long": hotspot latitude and longitude (point location)

"countryCode", "countryName": code and name of the country where hotspot is located

"subnational1Code", "subnational1Name": code and name of the subnational1 area (e.g. state or province) where hotspot is located

"subnational2Code", "subnational2Name": code and name of the subnational2 area (e.g. county) where hotspot is located

"isHotspot": logical, whether region is a hotspot (should always be TRUE)

"hierarchicalName": full hotspot name including subnational1, subnational2, and country info

When region is a subnational1, subnational2, or country code, a data frame containing:

"region": name of the region, varies depending on value of "format" provided

"minX", "maxX", "minY", "maxY": lat/long bounds of the region



if (FALSE) { ebirdregioninfo("US") ebirdregioninfo("CA-BC-GV") ebirdregioninfo("CA-BC-GV", format = "revdetailed") # reverse order of region name ebirdregioninfo("L196159") }