Returns a data.frame of all species in the eBird taxonomy for the given combination of categories. The default category is "species". Any taxon with the category of 'species' may be used as a parameter in service calls that take a scientific name. Any taxon not in this category will be rejected by these services at this time.

ebirdtaxonomy(cat = NULL, locale = NULL, key = NULL, ...)



Species category. String or character vector with one of more of: "domestic", "form", "hybrid", "intergrade", "issf", "slash", "species", "spuh". For more info about the meaning of species categories, see


Language/locale of response (when translations are available). See and (defaults to en_US).


ebird API key. You can obtain one from We strongly recommend storing it in your .Renviron file as an environment variable called EBIRD_KEY to avoid having to constantly supply the key, and to avoid accidentally sharing it publicly.


Curl options passed on to GET


A data.frame containing the collected information:

"comName": species' common name

"sciName": species' scientific name

"taxonID": Taxonomic Concept identifier, note this is currently in test



if (FALSE) { ebirdtaxonomy() ebirdtaxonomy(cat=c("spuh", "slash")) }