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This package provides programmatic access to the openfisheries API. Open Fisheries is a platform that aggregates global fishery data and currently offers global fish capture landings from 1950 onwards (more data coming soon). Read more about that effort here.



or grab the development version. To install this version you’ll need the devtools package first.


Package currently provides three basic functions. Landings data can be obtained by calling landings()

If you don’t have know the correct species or country codes, you can get a complete list with the following two functions.

Example: Compare landings from multiple countries

You can easily compare these results

ggplot(results, aes(year, catch, group = country, color = country)) + geom_line()

multiple countries

Similarly you can get landings data for multiple species. As the API evolves, we’ll update the package and get it to CRAN at some point.