Many value inputs to some parameters


There are some differences in how functions across rgbif behave with respect to many values given to a single parameter (let's call it foo).

The following functions originally only iterated over many values passed to foo as a vector (e.g., foo = c(1, 2)) with completely separate HTTP requests. But now these functions also support passing in many values to the same HTTP request (e.g., foo = "1;2"). This is a bit awkward, but means that we don't break existing code. See "Multiple values passed to a parameter" in occ_search/occ_data for more information.

The following functions, unlike those above, only support passing in many values to the same HTTP request, which is done like foo = c("1", "2").

Last, some parameters in the functions above don't accept more than one, and some functions don't have any parameters that accept more than one value (i.e., none of those listed above).

Each function that has at least some parameters that accept many values also has documentation on this issue.