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Reason for deprecating

The function used to download the appropriate gnparser executable for your platform and try to copy it to a system directory so rgnparser can run the gnparser command. This function was deprecated to stay in compliance with CRAN policies ("Packages should not write in the user’s home filespace, nor anywhere else on the file system apart from the R session’s temporary directory")


Please install gnparser by hand. For Linux and Mac users, installing with your usual package manager such as homebrew is the easiest, see gnparser documentation for more details:


install_gnparser(version, force)



The gnparser version number, e.g., 1.0.0; the default latest means the latest version (fetched from GitLab releases). Alternatively, this argument can take a file path of the zip archive or tarball of gnparser that has already been downloaded from GitLab, in which case it will not be downloaded again. The minimum version is v1.0.0 because gnparser v1 introduced breaking changes - and we don't support older versions of gnparser here.


Whether to install gnparser even if it has already been installed. This may be useful when upgrading gnparser.