The goal of roblog is to provide helpers for authors of blog posts and tech notes on rOpenSci blog.


install.packages("roblog", repos = "")

Current functionality

(R) Markdown templates

If you want to execute code, use the R Markdown template. If not, use a Markdown template.

The helpers will create an untitled file with the template. Do not forget to save it.

R Markdown template


Markdown template


How to prepare your pull request

You’ll need to fork and create a branch. You can either use your usual workflow for that, or use usethis helpers, see below.

  • Create the fork and check it out locally:
  • Create a branch
usethis::pr_init(branch = "mypost")
  • Work locally (adding your post)

  • Open the PR

  • Get feedback and use it

    • Get changes from GitHub to local (e.g. Stef made a suggestion in the PR review and you accepted it)
    • Get local changes to GitHub (e.g. you updated a paragraph and improved a figure from your laptop)