Find if journals are available in SHERPA/RoMEO

rr_journal_find(name, qtype = c("exact", "contains", "starts"), key = NULL)



one or several strings to match the titles of the journals


in: * "exact" full title must be exactly to provided name, * "contains" the provided name must appear anywhere in the title of the journal, * "starts" the provided name must appear at the start of title of the journal.


a character string containing the API key or NULL (see Details section on how to specify it)


Returns a data frame:

  • title [character(1)]
    the name of the journal

  • provided_issn [character(1)]
    the ISSN you provided in your query (might differ from the ISSN returned by the API)

  • issn [character(1)]
    the ISSN of the journal


There are several ways to provide your API key. The best way to know about them is to refer to the vignette about "Setting Up Your API key" accessible with the following command: vignette("setting_up_api_key", package = "rromeo"). You can also use rr_auth that will use the provided key to store it as an environmental variable.


# \donttest{ rr_journal_find(name = "Biostatistics", qtype = "contains")
#> Error: The API endpoint could not be reached. Please try again later.
# }