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There are a variety of ways to search VertNet

Search by term

Search for Aves in the state of California, limit to 10 records, e.g.:

searchbyterm(class = "Aves", state = "California", lim = 10, verbose = FALSE)

Search for Mustela nigripes in the states of Wyoming or South Dakota, limit to 20 records, e.g.:

searchbyterm(genus = "Mustela", specificepithet = "nigripes", state = "(wyoming OR south dakota)", limit = 20, verbose=FALSE)

Big data

Specifies a termwise search (like searchbyterm()), but requests that all available records be made available for download as a tab-delimited text file.

bigsearch(genus = "ochotona", rf = "pikaRecords", email = "big@search.luv")

spatialsearch(lat = 33.529, lon = -105.694, radius = 2000, limit = 10, verbose = FALSE)

Find records using a global full-text search of VertNet archives.

vertsearch(taxon = "aves", state = "california")

No results?

It's possible to get no results when requesting data from VertNet, then run the same function again 10 seconds later, and you do get a result. I'm not sure why this is, something having to do with Vertnet's infrastucture that I'm not aware of. Point is, if you are sure you haven't made any mistakes with the parameters, etc., then simply run the function call again.


Maintainer: Dave Slager (ORCID) [copyright holder]


Other contributors:

  • Chris Ray [contributor]

  • Vijay Barve [contributor]