This function downloads SMAP data in HDF5 format.

download_smap(files, directory = NULL, overwrite = TRUE,
  verbose = TRUE)



A data.frame produced by find_smap() that specifies data files to download.


A local directory path in which to save data, specified as a character string. If left as NULL, data are stored in a user's cache directory.


TRUE or FALSE: should existing data files be overwritten?


TRUE or FALSE: should messages be printed to indicate that files are being downloaded?


Returns a data.frame that appends a column called local_dir to the input data frame, which consists of a character vector specifying the local directory containing the downloaded files.


This function requires a username and password from NASA's Earthdata portal. If you have an Earthdata username and password, pass them in using the set_smap_credentials() function.

If you do not yet have a username and password, register for one here:


if (FALSE) { files <- find_smap(id = "SPL4SMGP", dates = "2015-03-31", version = 4) # files[1, ] refers to the first available data file downloads <- download_smap(files[1, ]) }