Assign a role to a given node in the cluster. The only supported role as of 4.7 is 'overseer' . Use this API to dedicate a particular node as Overseer. Invoke it multiple times to add more nodes. This is useful in large clusters where an Overseer is likely to get overloaded . If available, one among the list of nodes which are assigned the 'overseer' role would become the overseer. The system would assign the role to any other node if none of the designated nodes are up and running

collection_addrole(conn, role = "overseer", node, raw = FALSE, ...)



A solrium connection object, see SolrClient


(character) Required. The name of the role. The only supported role as of now is overseer (set as default).


(character) Required. The name of the node. It is possible to assign a role even before that node is started.


(logical) If TRUE, returns raw data


curl options passed on to crul::HttpClient


if (FALSE) { (conn <- SolrClient$new()) # get list of nodes nodes <- conn$collection_clusterstatus()$cluster$live_nodes collection_addrole(conn, node = nodes[1]) }