Important: whether add, edit, or delete is used is determined by the value passed to the val parameter. If the property name is new, it will be added. If the property name exists, and the value is different, it will be edited. If the property name exists, and the value is NULL or empty the property is deleted (unset).

collection_clusterprop(conn, name, val, raw = FALSE, callopts = list())



A solrium connection object, see SolrClient


(character) Name of the core or collection


(character) Required. The value of the property. If the value is empty or null, the property is unset.


(logical) If TRUE, returns raw data in format specified by wt param


curl options passed on to crul::HttpClient


if (FALSE) { (conn <- SolrClient$new()) # add the value https to the property urlScheme collection_clusterprop(conn, name = "urlScheme", val = "https") # status again collection_clusterstatus(conn)$cluster$properties # delete the property urlScheme by setting val to NULL or a 0 length string collection_clusterprop(conn, name = "urlScheme", val = "") }