Reassign leaders in a collection according to the preferredLeader property across active nodes

  maxAtOnce = NULL,
  maxWaitSeconds = NULL,
  raw = FALSE,



A solrium connection object, see SolrClient


(character) The name of the core to be created. Required


(integer) The maximum number of reassignments to have queue up at once. Values <=0 are use the default value Integer.MAX_VALUE. When this number is reached, the process waits for one or more leaders to be successfully assigned before adding more to the queue.


(integer) Timeout value when waiting for leaders to be reassigned. NOTE: if maxAtOnce is less than the number of reassignments that will take place, this is the maximum interval that any single wait for at least one reassignment. For example, if 10 reassignments are to take place and maxAtOnce is 1 and maxWaitSeconds is 60, the upper bound on the time that the command may wait is 10 minutes. Default: 60


(logical) If TRUE, returns raw data


You can pass in parameters like to set core property name to value. See the section Defining for details on supported properties and values. (


if (FALSE) { (conn <- SolrClient$new()) # create collection if (!conn$collection_exists("mycollection2")) { conn$collection_create(name = "mycollection2") # OR: bin/solr create -c mycollection2 } # balance preferredLeader property conn$collection_balanceshardunique("mycollection2", property = "preferredLeader") # balance preferredLeader property conn$collection_rebalanceleaders("mycollection2") # examine cluster status conn$collection_clusterstatus()$cluster$collections$mycollection2 }