Convert straight OD data (desire lines) into routes

line2route(l, route_fun = stplanr::route_cyclestreet, n_print = 10,
  list_output = FALSE, l_id = NA, time_delay = 0, ...)



A SpatialLinesDataFrame


A routing function to be used for converting the straight lines to routes od2line()


A number specifying how frequently progress updates should be shown


If FALSE (default) assumes SpatialLinesDataFrame output. Set to TRUE to save output as a list.


Character string naming the id field from the input lines data, typically the origin and destination ids pasted together. If absent, the row name of the straight lines will be used.


Number or seconds to wait between each query


Arguments passed to the routing function, e.g. route_cyclestreet()


See route_cyclestreet() and other route functions for details.

A parallel implementation of this was available until version 0.1.8.

See also


if (FALSE) { l <- flowlines[2:5, ] r <- line2route(l) rf <- line2route(l = l, "route_cyclestreet", plan = "fastest") rq <- line2route(l = l, plan = "quietest", silent = TRUE) plot(r) plot(rf, col = "red", add = TRUE) plot(rq, col = "green", add = TRUE) plot(l, add = T) line2route(flowlines_sf[2:3, ], route_osrm) # Plot for a single line to compare 'fastest' and 'quietest' route n <- 2 plot(l[n, ]) lines(rf[n, ], col = "red") lines(rq[n, ], col = "green") # Example with list output l <- l[1:3, ] rf_list <- line2route(l = l, list_output = TRUE) line2route(l[1, ], route_graphhopper) }