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Split PDF into separate pages or merge multiple PDFs into one.


split_pdf(file, outdir = NULL, password = NULL, copy = FALSE)

merge_pdfs(file, outfile, copy = FALSE)



For merge_pdfs, a character vector specifying the path to one or more local PDF files. For split_pdf, a character string specifying the path or URL to a PDF file.


For split_pdf, an optional character string specifying a directory into which to split the resulting files. If NULL, the outdir is tempdir(). If file is a URL, both the original file and separate pages are stored in the R session's temporary directory.


Optionally, a character string containing a user password to access a secured PDF. Currently, encrypted PDFs cannot be merged with merge_pdfs.


Specifies whether the original local file(s) should be copied to tempdir() before processing. FALSE by default. The argument is ignored if file is URL.


For merge_pdfs, a character string specifying the path to the PDF file to create from the merged documents.


For split_pdfs, a character vector specifying the output file names, which are patterned after the value of file. For merge_pdfs, the value of outfile.


split_pdf splits the file listed in file into separate one-page doucments. merge_pdfs creates a single PDF document from multiple separate PDF files.


Thomas J. Leeper <>


# simple demo file
f <- system.file("examples", "mtcars.pdf", package = "tabulapdf")
get_n_pages(file = f)
#> [1] 3

# split PDF by page
sf <- split_pdf(f)

# merge pdf
mf <- file.path(tempdir(), "merged.pdf")
merge_pdfs(sf, mf)
#> [1] "/tmp/RtmpAKQq0u/merged.pdf"
#> [1] 3