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CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.2.2

CRAN release: 2018-06-07

  • extract_tables() gets outdir argument for writing out CSV, TSV and JSON files.
  • Fixes in vignette.
  • avoid using reflection for Java 17 compatibility.

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.2.1

CRAN release: 2018-05-24

  • make_thumbnails() and split_pdf() now use tempdir() as the default output directory.
  • extract_ functions get copy argument for copying original local files to R session’s temporary directory.
  • PDF files used do not get copied to temporary directory by default.
  • General clean-up for CRAN submission.

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.2.0

  • Upgrade to PDFBox 2/Tabula 1.0.1 (#48)
  • method argument is changed to output in extract_tables().
  • New method argument reflects method of extraction as in Tabula command-line Java utility.
  • extract_text() accepts area as argument.

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.1.24

  • Switch to using new document loading algorithm and localize all remote URLs. (#40)
  • Removed kind of annoying message about overwriting a temporary file. (#36)

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.1.23

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.1.22

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.1.21

  • Exposed a new option widget in locate_areas() to control which widget is used in locating areas.

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.1.20

  • Fixed bug in internal function try_area_full() introduced by changes in8.

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.1.19

  • Further expand the locate_areas() interface to use a Shiny gadget when working within RStudio, or otherwise rely on the full functionality interface (based on graphics device events) or reduced functionality interface (relying on locator()). (#8)

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.1.18

  • Completely rewrite the locate_areas() interface to rely on graphics device event handling where possible. This may behave differently across platforms or in RStudio. (#8)

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.1.17

  • Fixed a bug in extract_tables() such that when no tables are found, an empty list is returned (for method values with list response structures). (h/t Lincoln Mullen)

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.1.16

  • split_pdfs() and make_thumbnails() gain an outdir argument to specify where to save the output. The file numbering of output files is also now zero-padded.
  • An warning in merge_pdfs() has been fixed.
  • stop_logging() is called when the package is attached to the search path.
  • get_page_dims() earns a doc argument and argument order in get_n_pages() is reversed.

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.1.15

  • Added better support for specifying character encoding. (#10)

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.1.14

  • Added support for password-protected PDF files. (#11)

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.1.13

  • Expand file paths where needed. (h/t David Gohel)

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.1.12

  • Improve handling of URLs when using extract_areas() by downloading PDF to temporary directory.

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.1.11

  • Exposed new functions split_pdf() and merge_pdfs() to split and merge PDFs, respectively. (#9)
  • Exposed a get_n_pages() to determine the page length of a PDF document.
  • Moved tabula .jar file to separate package, tabulizerjars. (#2)

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.1.10

  • Added a new function extract_metadata() to extract PDF metadata as a list.
  • Added a new function extract_text() to convert PDF contents to an R character vector.
  • Changed the internal localize_file() function to use PDFBox to natively read from a URL.
  • Removed illogical default file argument value in extract_tables().

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.1.9

  • Expanded test suite to cover areas and columns arguments and utilities. (#3)
  • Fixed the same bug in make_columns() as was corrected for make_areas(). (#5)

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.1.8

  • Fixed a bug in make_areas() internal when area was specified as a length 1 list for a multi-page document. (#5, h/t Tony Hirst)

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.1.7

  • Added a function, extract_areas(), to interactively identify and extract page areas. Another new function, locates_areas() implements the locator functionality without performing any extraction.
  • Added a function, make_thumbnails(), to convert pages into individual image files.
  • Added a function, get_page_dims(), to extract page dimensions.

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.1.6

  • Fixed a bug in the repeating of the area argument when length(area) == 1 & length(pages) > 1. (#5, #6)

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.1.5

  • Fixed a bug in the handling of the area argument. (#5, #6)

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.1.4

  • Added vignette. (#4)
  • Added tests of guess parameter. (#3)
  • Added a spreadsheet argument, a la Tabula itself.
  • Fixed bugs in parsing of area and columns arguments.

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.1.3

  • Added multiple table writing options beyond the default list of matrices. (#1)

CHANGES TO tabulizer 0.1.1

  • Initial release.