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A primary purpose of tacmagic is to foster open and reproducible in PET neuroimaging research. Therefore, the package is released under a GPL licence and contributions are welcome.

At this relatively early stage in development, it would be extremely helpful to hear feedback about what is working well compared to existing workflows, and what needs work.

Please suggest changes or report bugs using the Issues page of this repository.

Expanded funcitonality could be considered in the following areas:

  1. Additional file format support for loading TAC and related data.
  2. Implementation of additional kinetic models
  3. Implementation or improvement of plotting functions
  4. Implementation or improvmeent of cutoff calculation algorithms

File formats

To propose additional file format support, a sample file is required for testing. Preferably, the file could be generated from the same PET data used for other formats. If a file format specification document is available, it should be referenced.

Kinetic models

At a minimum, proposals to expand the supported models should include the R code, a refence describing the model, and the expected results using an exisiting tool for testing purposes. If possible, the existing example tac data would be used if possible.