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A fake dataset of 50 simulated participants in the format that the function tm_batch() would be expected to produce with the "Logan" model specified. The data itself was generated as follows:

#higher <- matrix(rnorm(40, 1.9, 0.6), ncol=4, nrow=10)
#lower <- matrix(rnorm(160, 1.3, 0.3), ncol=4, nrow=40)
#fake_data <-, lower))
#row.names(fake_data) <- paste0("p", 1:50)
#colnames(fake_data) <- c("ROI1_DVR", "ROI2_DVR", "ROI3_DVR", "ROI4_DVR")
#save(fake_data, "fake_DVR.Rda")




A data frame with 50 rows and 4 variables representing ROIs