Creates a named vector that maps the values of two variables associated with taxa in a taxonomy() or taxmap() object without using Non-Standard Evaluation (NSE). Both values must be named by taxon ids. This is the same as map_data() without NSE and can be useful in some odd cases where NSE fails to work as expected.

obj$map_data(from, to)
map_data(obj, from, to)



The taxonomy() or taxmap() object.


The value used to name the output. There will be one output value for each value in from.


The value returned in the output.


A vector of to values named by values in from.

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x = c("d" = "looks like a cat", "h" = "big scary cats", "i" = "smaller cats", "m" = "might eat you", "n" = "Meow! (Feed me!)") map_data_(ex_taxmap, from = ex_taxmap$taxon_names(), to = x)
#> Mammalia Plantae Felidae Notoryctidae #> NA NA "looks like a cat" NA #> Hominidae Solanaceae Panthera Felis #> NA NA "big scary cats" "smaller cats" #> Notoryctes homo Solanum tigris #> NA NA NA "might eat you" #> catus typhlops sapiens lycopersicum #> "Meow! (Feed me!)" NA NA NA #> tuberosum #> NA