Warning! This document contains 1 failing test.

Using YAML to disable tests

By adding test: FALSE to your YAML params you can stop test chunks from being evaluated throughout the document. If the parameter is set to test: TRUE, test chunks will run as usual.

  test: FALSE

This test parameter is passed into your chunk options using eval = params$test, as shown below.

```{r stopifnot_parameterized, test = TRUE, eval = params$test}
counts = 0),
  isTRUE(all.equal(counts, round(counts)))

Enabling individual test chunks

To run selected test chunks within the same document, you simply exclude the eval option for an individual chunk, or expressly set the chunk option to eval = TRUE.

```{r failing_test, test = TRUE, eval = TRUE}
## Error in eval(assertion, env): object 'y' not found