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Tools for measuring similarity among documents and detecting passages which have been reused. Implements shingled n-gram, skip n-gram, and other tokenizers; similarity/dissimilarity functions; pairwise comparisons; minhash and locality sensitive hashing algorithms; and a version of the Smith-Waterman local alignment algorithm suitable for natural language.


The best place to begin with this package in the introductory vignette.

vignette("textreuse-introduction", package = "textreuse")

After reading that vignette, the "pairwise" and "minhash" vignettes introduce specific paths for working with the package.

vignette("textreuse-pairwise", package = "textreuse")

vignette("textreuse-minhash", package = "textreuse")

vignette("textreuse-alignment", package = "textreuse")

Another good place to begin with the package is the documentation for loading documents (TextReuseTextDocument and TextReuseCorpus), for tokenizers, similarity functions, and locality-sensitive hashing.


The sample data provided in the extdata/legal directory is taken from a corpus of American Tract Society publications from the nineteen-century, gathered from the Internet Archive.

The sample data provided in the extdata/legal directory, are taken from the following nineteenth-century codes of civil procedure from California and New York.

Final Report of the Commissioners on Practice and Pleadings, in 2 Documents of the Assembly of New York, 73rd Sess., No. 16, (1850): 243-250, sections 597-613. Google Books.

An Act To Regulate Proceedings in Civil Cases, 1851 California Laws 51, 51-53 sections 4-17; 101, sections 313-316. Google Books.


Maintainer: Yaoxiang Li (ORCID)