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Uses GDP deflator records from The World Bank to convert trade records and express them in dollars of the same year. The records are internally subsetted to World's values, because country specific levels would largely re-scale observations for reporters that reflect unstable macroeconomic policies.


ots_gdp_deflator_adjustment(trade_data = NULL, reference_year = NULL)



A tibble obtained by using ots_create_tidy_data. Default set to NULL.


Year contained within the years specified in (e.g. 2010). Default set to NULL.


if (FALSE) {
# The next example can take more than 5 seconds to compute,
# so this is shown without evaluation according to CRAN rules

# Convert dollars of 2010 to dollars of 2000
d <- ots_create_tidy_data(years = 2010, reporters = "chl", partners = "chn")
ots_gdp_deflator_adjustment(trade_data = d, reference_year = 2000)