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Search for traits from EOL's Traitbank


traitbank(query, key = NULL, ...)



(character) a query to the EOL Cypher service that holds Traitbank data. required. no default query given. see examples


(character) EOL Cypher query API key. required, either passed in or as an environment variable


Curl options passed on to verb-GET


a list


traitbank is an interface to the EOL Cypher query. Note that the previous interface EOL had for Traits has been completely replaced - thus, this function is completely different. You no longer query by EOL page id, but using the query language for a database called Neo4J. See the docs for help. Later we plan to make a more user friendly interface to get Traitbank data that doesn't require knowing the Neo4J query syntax


You'll need an EOL cypher key to use this function. Get one by signing in to your EOL account then head to to get a key. Store your key in your .Renviron file or similar under the name "EOL_CYPHER_KEY", and we will use that key in this function. Alternatively, you can pass in your key to the key parameter, but we do not recommend doing that as you risk accidentally committing your key to the public web.



if (FALSE) {
# traitbank_query function
traitbank(query = "MATCH (n:Trait) RETURN n LIMIT 1;")

# traitbank function
res <- traitbank(query = "MATCH (n:Trait) RETURN n LIMIT 2;")