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Pull Request

Please do not include API keys in your pull request. You should store any API keys or tokens in .Renviron or .Rprofile and be sure to have these files added to .gitignore. Do not include API keys in function examples or tests. See cs_check_key() for an example.

If this pull request adds a new database to the list of databases webchem can access, please provide some evidence that this database is OK with being accessed by a third-party—for example, a link to an About or FAQ page.

Before you submit a pull request, please do the following:

  • Add an entry to NEWS concisely describing what you changed.
  • If appropriate, add unit tests in the tests/testthat directory.
  • Run Build->Check Package in the RStudio IDE, or devtools::check(), to make sure your change did not add any messages, warnings, or errors.

Doing these things will make it easier to evaluate your pull request.

We will try to be responsive and provide feedback.


You can test the package using devtools::test(). Tests are disable in the master branch (commented out in ~tests\testthat.R). For local testing you can uncomment, or run test_check("webchem"). Please do not include changes to ~tests\testthat.R in your PR.

Delete these instructions once you have read them.

Brief description of the PR

PR task list: - [ ] Update NEWS - [ ] Add tests (if appropriate) - [ ] Update documentation with devtools::document() - [ ] Check package passed