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Retrieve compound information from pubchem CID, see


pc_prop(cid, properties = NULL, verbose = getOption("verbose"), ...)



numeric; a vector of Pubchem IDs (CIDs). The input vector will be coerced to a vector of positive integers. The function will return a row of NAs for elements that cannot be coerced to positive integers.


character; a vector of properties to retrieve, e.g. c("MolecularFormula", "MolecularWeight"). If NULL (default) all available properties are retrieved. See for a list of all available properties.


logical; should a verbose output be printed to the console?


currently not used.


a tibble; each row is a queried CID, each column is a requested property.


Please respect the Terms and Conditions of the National Library of Medicine, the data usage policies of National Center for Biotechnology Information,,, and the data usage policies of the indicidual data sources


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See also


if (FALSE) {
# might fail if API is not available

# multiple CIDS
comp <- c("Triclosan", "Aspirin")
cids <- get_cid(comp)
pc_prop(cids$cid, properties = c("MolecularFormula", "MolecularWeight",