Wikidata taxonomy data

wt_data(x, property = NULL, ...)

wt_data_id(x, language = "en", limit = 10, ...)



(character) a taxonomic name


(character) a property id, e.g., P486


curl options passed on to httr::GET()


(character) two letter language code


(integer) records to return. Default: 10


wt_data searches Wikidata, and returns a list with elements:

  • labels - data.frame with columns: language, value

  • descriptions - data.frame with columns: language, value

  • aliases - data.frame with columns: language, value

  • sitelinks - data.frame with columns: site, title

  • claims - data.frame with columns: claims, property_value, property_description, value (comma separted values in string)

wt_data_id gets the Wikidata ID for the searched term, and returns the ID as character


Note that wt_data can take a while to run since when fetching claims it has to do so one at a time for each claim

You can search things other than taxonomic names with wt_data if you like


if (FALSE) { # search by taxon name # wt_data("Mimulus alsinoides") # choose which properties to return wt_data(x="Mimulus foliatus", property = c("P846", "P815")) # get a taxonomic identifier wt_data_id("Mimulus foliatus") # the id can be passed directly to wt_data() # wt_data(wt_data_id("Mimulus foliatus")) }