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CRediTas (development version)

CRediTas 0.2.0

CRAN release: 2023-04-13

Breaking changes

  • Package name changed to CRediTas (#1)
  • All function renamed to follow object_verb() convention. (#4)
    • create_template is template_create
    • read_template is template_read
    • write_cras is cras_write
  • file argument in cras_write and in template_create no longer default to NULL, they are not provided by default. If missing, they behave like the old NULL value.

New features

  • cras_write integrates better with literate programming such as rmarkdown and quarto. When file is NULL (new default), instead of writing a file, the function returns a string with the CRediT Author Statement. It works well with inline code in rmarkdown and quarto documents: r cras_write(cras_table, markdown = TRUE) (#2
  • cras_write includes a new argument drop_authors, if set to FALSE, the authors without contributions are not removed from the statement. (#6)

Minor improvements and fixes

  • The roles are created using the function roles_get() instead of hard coded. (#3)
  • The former allows to check if authors’ roles are up-to-date comparing with [CRediT] ( (#3)
  • Improvements on the documentation of all functions (#6)
  • In cras_write, the default of markdown argument is TRUE.
  • Added some checks to template_read to ensure that the format is correct. (#6)
  • Added reviewers of ROpenScience to DESCRIPTION.
  • CSS fixed in pkgdown.
  • Description added to template_create documentation.
  • Option to use fix() to edit the template is added to README and get_started vignette.
  • Related packages added to README.
  • template_create is more performant thanks to using matrix instead of data.frame to create the empty contributions.