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Get recent uploads


get_recent_uploads(query, as = "data.frame", env = "production")



(character) Query (see details below)


(character) Format of the returned object. Can be: "data.frame" or "xml".


(character) Repository environment. Can be: "production", "staging", or "development".


(data.frame or xml_document) A list of zero or more audit records of either recently inserted or recently updated data packages.


Query parameters are specified as key=value pairs, multiple pairs must be delimited with ampersands (&), and only a single value should be specified for a particular key. The following query parameter keys are allowed:

  • serviceMethod - Can be: createDataPackage, updateDataPackage

  • fromTime - An ISO8601 timestamp

  • limit - A positive whole number

The query parameter serviceMethod should have the value "createDataPackage" (to retrieve recent inserts) or "updateDataPackage" (to retrieve recent updates). The query parameter fromTime is used to specify the date/time in the past that represents the oldest audit records that should be returned. Data packages uploaded prior to that time are not considered recent uploads and are thus filtered from the query results. The query parameter limit sets an upper limit on the number of audit records returned. For example, "limit=3".

See also


if (FALSE) {

# Get the 5 most recently created data packages
auditReport <- get_recent_uploads(
 query = "serviceMethod=createDataPackage&limit=5"