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adds Dublin Core metadata elements to (top-level) nexml


  title = NULL,
  description = NULL,
  creator = Sys.getenv("USER"),
  pubdate = NULL,
  rights = "CC0",
  publisher = NULL,
  citation = NULL,
  nexml = new("nexml")



A title for the dataset


a description of the dataset


name of the data creator. Can be a string or R person object


publication date. Default is current date.


the intellectual property rights associated with the data. The default is Creative Commons Zero (CC0) public domain declaration, compatible with all other licenses and appropriate for deposition into the Dryad or figshare repositories. CC0 is also recommended by the Panton Principles. Alternatively, any other plain text string can be added and will be provided as the content attribute to the dc:rights property.


the publisher of the dataset. Usually where a user may go to find the canonical copy of the dataset: could be a repository, journal, or academic institution.


a citation associated with the data. Usually an academic journal article that indicates how the data should be cited in an academic context. Multiple citations can be included here. citation can be a plain text object, but is preferably an R citation or bibentry object (which can include multiple citations. See examples


a nexml object to which metadata should be added. A new nexml object will be created if none exists.


an updated nexml object


add_basic_meta() is just a wrapper for add_meta to make it easy to provide generic metadata without explicitly providing the namespace. For instance, add_basic_meta(title="My title", description="a description") is identical to: add_meta(list(meta("dc:title", "My title"), meta("dc:description", "a description"))) Most function arguments are mapped directly to the Dublin Core terms of the same name, with the exception of rights, which by default maps to the Creative Commons namespace when using CC0 license.


nex <- add_basic_meta(title = "My test title",
             description = "A description of my test",
             creator = "Carl Boettiger <>",
             publisher = "unpublished data",
             pubdate = "2012-04-01")

 ## Adding citation to an R package:
 nexml <- add_basic_meta(citation=citation("ape"))
if (FALSE) {
 ## Use knitcitations package to add a citation by DOI:
 nexml <- add_basic_meta(citation = bib_metadata("10.2307/2408428"))