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Calls the given generic with the given arguments, using the method whose signature matches the arguments.


.callGeneric(f, ..., .package = NULL)



the generic, as a character string or a standardGeneric object


the arguments (named and/or unnamed) with which to call the matching method


the package name for finding the generic (if f is a character string); by default the package is determined from the calling environment


the value returned by the method


Uses methods::selectMethod() to find the matching method. In theory, this is at best wholly redundant with what standard S4 generics already do by themselves. However, the generics dispatch for S4 seems (at least currently) broken at least if the first argument in the signature is a class that name-clashes with a class defined in another package. In that case, whether the standard dispatch works correctly or not can depend on search() order, and can change within a session depending on the order in which packages are loaded.