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Searches PubMed for articles related to a set of PubMed ID's using NCBI's E-Utilities.


  database = "pubmed",
  batch.mode = TRUE,
  max.results = 10,
  return.sim.scores = FALSE,
  return.related.ids = FALSE



either a character vector of PubMed ID's or a BibEntry object, which is expected to have at least some entries with eprinttype = "pubmed" and eprint field specifying a PubMed ID.


string; the Entrez database to search


logical; if TRUE, the PubMed IDs in id are combined by Entrez when searching for linked IDs so that only one set of linked IDs is returned. If FALSE, a set of linked IDs is obtained for each ID in id. will be returned


numeric vector; the maximum number of results to return if batch.mode TRUE; or if batch.mode is FALSE, this should have the same length as id with each element giving the maximum number of results to return for the corresponding ID.


logical; Entrez returns a similarity score with each returned citation giving a measure of how similar the returned entry is to the ones specified by the query. If TRUE these scores are added to the returned BibEntry object in a field called ‘score’.


logical; should the original PubMed ID(s) that a returned entry is related to be stored in a field called ‘PMIDrelated’.


an object of class BibEntry.

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if (interactive() && !httr::http_error("")){ <- system.file("Bib", "RJC.bib", package="RefManageR")
  bib <- ReadBib(
  bib <- LookupPubMedID(bib[[101:102]])
  toBiblatex(GetPubMedRelated(bib, batch.mode = TRUE, max.results = 2,
  return.sim.scores = TRUE, return.related.ids = TRUE))
  GetPubMedRelated(bib, batch.mode = FALSE, max.results = c(2, 2))