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This function takes a query and searches an Entrez database for references using NCBI's E-Utilities, returning the results in a BibEntry object.


ReadPubMed(query, database = "PubMed", ...)



string; search term.


string; the Entrez database to search.


additional parameters to use for the search. See the Details.


an object of class BibEntry.


Optional additional parameters to pass to the server include

  • retstart - index of the first retrieved ID that should be included in the results.

  • retmax - maximum number of IDs the server will return (default 20).

  • field - limits the query to search only the specified field (e.g. “title”).

  • datetype - type of date to use when limiting search by dates. E.g. “mdat” for modification date or “pdat” for publication date.

  • reldate - integer; only items that have (datetype) date values within reldate days of the current date will be returned.

  • mindate, maxdate - date ranges to restrict search results. Possible formats are “YYYY”, “YYYY/MM”, and “YYYY/MM/DD”.


The returned entries will have type either ‘Article’ or ‘Misc’ depending on whether journal information was retrieved. See the Entrez documentation listed in the References.

The language of the entry will be returned in the field “language” and the abstract will be returned in the field “abstract”, if they are available.

See also


if (interactive() && !httr::http_error(""))
  ReadPubMed(query = "raymond carroll measurement error", retmax = 5, mindate = 1990)