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Get EPSG codes or PROJ.4 codes for projections from the State Plane Coordinate System.


state_plane(state, plane_id = NULL, type = c("epsg", "proj4"))



The postal code for the state.


The state plane geographic zone identifier. A NULL value will return a projection for the entire state.


The type of output to return: either an EPSG code or PROJ4 string.


Either a PROJ4 string as a character vector or an EPSG code as an integer.

See also

For documentation of the underlying State Plane Coordinate System projection data frame, see state_proj.


if (require(USAboundariesData)) {
  state_plane(state = "MA", type = "epsg")
  state_plane(state = "MA", type = "proj4")
  state_plane(state = "MA", plane_id = "island", type = "epsg")
  state_plane(state = "MA", plane_id = "island", type = "proj4")

  # Show the difference made by a state plane projection
  if (require(sf)) {
    va <- us_states(states = "VA", resolution = "high")
    plot(st_geometry(va), graticule = TRUE)
    va <- st_transform(va, state_plane("VA"))
    plot(st_geometry(va), graticule = TRUE)
#> Loading required package: USAboundariesData
#> Loading required package: sf
#> Linking to GEOS 3.12.1, GDAL 3.8.4, PROJ 9.4.0; sf_use_s2() is TRUE