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Writes very small test files to disk that can be used to test the package. The entire package works by reading zip-compressed data files provided by the various hire bicycle systems. This function generates some equivalent data that can be read into an SQLite database by the store_bikedata() function, so that all other package functionality can then be tested from the resultant database. This function is also used in the examples of all other functions.


bike_write_test_data(data_dir = tempdir())



Directory in which data are to be extracted. Defaults to tempdir(). If any other directory is specified, files ought to be removed with bike_rm_test_data().


if (FALSE) {
bike_write_test_data ()
list.files (tempdir ())
bike_rm_test_data ()

bike_write_test_data (data_dir = '.')
list.files ()
bike_rm_test_data (data_dir = '.')