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Download data for subsequent storage via store_bikedata.


dl_bikedata(city, data_dir = tempdir(), dates = NULL, quiet = FALSE)

download_bikedata(city, data_dir = tempdir(), dates = NULL, quiet = FALSE)



City for which to download bike data, or name of corresponding bike system (see Details below).


Directory to which to download the files


Character vector of dates to download data with dates formated as YYYYMM.


If FALSE, progress is displayed on screen


Only files that don't already exist in data_dir will be downloaded, and this function may thus be used to update a directory of files by downloading more recent files. If a particular file request fails, downloading will continue regardless. To ensure all files are downloaded, this function may need to be run several times until a message appears declaring that 'All data files already exist'


This function produces (generally) zip-compressed data in R's temporary directory. City names are not case sensitive, and must only be long enough to unambiguously designate the desired city. Names of corresponding bike systems can also be given. Currently possible cities (with minimal designations in parentheses) and names of bike hire systems are:

Boston (bo)Hubway
Chicago (ch)Divvy Bikes
Washington, D.C. (dc)Capital Bike Share
Los Angeles (la)Metro Bike Share
London (lo)Santander Cycles
Minnesota (mn)NiceRide
New York City (ny)Citibike
Philadelphia (ph)Indego
San Francisco Bay Area (sf)Ford GoBike

Ensure you have a fast internet connection and at least 100 Mb space


if (FALSE) {
dl_bikedata (city = 'New York City USA', dates = 201601:201613)