Tools and functions for managing the download of binary files. Binary repositories are defined in YAML format. Defining new pre-download, download and post-download templates allow additional repositories to be added.


You can install binman from GitHub with:

# install.packages("remotes")

Usage Examples

GitHub Assets

The following is an example of using binman to get the GitHub assets from a project. The project is . When a new version is released a zipped binary is added as an “asset”. A JSON representation of the project releases is available at binman needs a YAML file to specify how to parse this projects assets:

The file can be accessed at:

ymlfile <- system.file("examples", "yaml", "bmproxy.yml", package = "binman")

Downloading the three most recent releases can the be done using:


with resulting directory structure (We omit files for brevity):


C:\Users\john>tree C:\Users\john\AppData\Local\binman\binman_bmproxy
Folder PATH listing
Volume serial number is 7CC8-BD03
    │   └───browsermob-proxy-2.1.0
    │       ├───bin
    │       │   └───conf
    │       ├───lib
    │       └───ssl-support
    │   └───browsermob-proxy-2.1.1
    │       ├───bin
    │       │   └───conf
    │       ├───lib
    │       └───ssl-support
            │   └───conf