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This is a handler function to be used with data sets from NASA's Earthdata system. This function is not intended to be called directly, but rather is specified as a method option in bb_source.





: parameters passed to bb_rget


TRUE on success


This function uses bb_rget, and so data sources using this function will need to provide appropriate bb_rget parameters.



if (FALSE) {

## note that the full version of this data source is provided as part of bb_example_data_sources()

my_source <- bb_source(
  name = "Sea Ice Trends and Climatologies from SMMR and SSM/I-SSMIS, Version 3",
  id = "10.5067/EYICLBOAAJOU",
  description = "NSIDC provides this data set ... [truncated; see bb_example_data_sources()]",
  doc_url = "",
  citation = "Stroeve J, Meier WN (2018) ... [truncated; see bb_example_data_sources()]",
  source_url = "",
  license = "Please cite, see",
  authentication_note = "Requires Earthdata login, see
    Note that you will also need to authorize the application 'nsidc-daacdata'
    (see 'My Applications' at",
  method = list("bb_handler_earthdata", recursive = TRUE, level = 4, no_parent = TRUE,
                relative = TRUE),
  user = "your_earthdata_username",
  password = "your_earthdata_password",
  collection_size = 0.02)