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This is a general handler function that is suitable for a range of data sets. This function is not intended to be called directly, but rather is specified as a method option in bb_source.





: parameters passed to bb_rget


TRUE on success


This handler function makes calls to the bb_rget function. Arguments provided to bb_handler_rget are passed through to bb_rget.


my_source <- bb_source(
   name = "Australian Election 2016 House of Representatives data",
   id = "aus-election-house-2016",
   description = "House of Representatives results from the 2016 Australian election.",
   doc_url = "",
   citation = "Copyright Commonwealth of Australia 2017. As far as practicable, material for
               which the copyright is owned by a third party will be clearly labelled. The
               AEC has made all reasonable efforts to ensure that this material has been
               reproduced on this website with the full consent of the copyright owners.",
   source_url = "",
   license = "CC-BY",
   method = list("bb_handler_rget", level = 1, accept_download = "csv$"),
   collection_size = 0.01)

my_data_dir <- tempdir()
cf <- bb_config(my_data_dir)
cf <- bb_add(cf, my_source)

if (FALSE) { # \dontrun{
bb_sync(cf, verbose = TRUE)
} # }