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Default plots of the output main get_ functions. Details of the plots for different data are given below.

For status and objectives produces a (stacked) percentage barplot of waterbody observed or predicted (objective) status information for a given set of data.

For rnag, measures or pa produces a frequency histogram. The columns plotted for each data type are given below:

  • rnag (pressure_tier_3)

  • measures (measure_category_1)

  • pa (protected_area_type)

The full detail of the different data being plotted can be found in the EA Catchment Data Explorer API reference:

Plotting is only possible for MC, OC or RBD downloads.


# S3 method for cde_df
plot(x, ...)



An object of class cde_df to be plotted.


Other arguments passed on to individual methods. The only other argument implemented at present is scheme. For status and objectives data this defines which colour scheme to use with plots. It defaults to a viridis-based scheme (scheme="vir"). Alternatively, the colours specified in the WFD document can be used by specifying scheme="wfd".