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Searches the listing of EA monitoring sites to find rows that contain the string provided. Can search by WBID (WBID), name (name), Management Catchment (MC), Operational Catchment (OC) or River Basin District (RBD). There is a hierarchical relationship between these levels as shown at

The search is done on a local copy of the waterbody listing contained in the ea_wbids object rather than connecting to the EA site.


search_names(string = NULL, column = NULL)



The search string to be matched (case-sensitive). Will match whole or partial strings in the column values.


The column to be searched. Possible options are WBID, name, OC (Operational Catchment), MC (Management Catchment) and RBD (River Basin District)


A data frame containing the details of all the sites that match the search string (full or partial matches) in the column specified. Columns returned are defined in ea_wbids.


# search for sites containing "Tadnoll" in the name
search_names(string="Tadnoll", column="name")
#>                WBID                                    name  type
#> 3694 GB108044009660 Tadnoll Brook (including Empool Bottom) River
#>                        OC     MC        RBD
#> 3694 Poole Harbour Rivers Dorset South West

# search for Operational Catchments containing "Cornwall"
search_names(string="Cornwall", column="OC")
#>                WBID           name        type                     OC
#> 3544 GB610807680002 Cornwall North     Coastal Cornwall North Coastal
#> 3567 GB620806570000 Cornwall South     Coastal Cornwall South Coastal
#> 3763 GB40802G800300 North Cornwall Groundwater         North Cornwall
#> 3769 GB40802G800200 South Cornwall Groundwater         South Cornwall
#> 3772 GB40802G800100  West Cornwall Groundwater          West Cornwall
#>                   MC        RBD
#> 3544 South West TraC South West
#> 3567 South West TraC South West
#> 3763   South West GW South West
#> 3769   South West GW South West
#> 3772   South West GW South West