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charlatan 0.4.0

CRAN release: 2020-01-24


  • gains new vignette “Contributing to charlatan” - given that it can be complicated to contribute, this vignette should make the process easier (#49) (#84)
  • InternetProvider gains new method slug (#67)
  • MiscProvider gains two new methods boolean and null_boolean (#70)
  • es_PE locale support added to PhoneNumberProvider (#108)
  • en_NZ locale support added to AddressProvider, InternetProvider, and PersonProvider (#109)
  • main vignette gains examples on using the MissingDataProvider thanks to @KKulma (#110)
  • PhoneNumberProvider gains support for locales: dk_DK, en_NZ, id_ID, th_TH, and tw_GH (#100)
  • each R6 provider gains new method allowed_locales() - the exported character vector of allowed locales for each provider has moved inside of the R6 class in $private because there’s no reason for the user to modify allowed locales - allowed_locales() reads this vector for each provider


  • convert all documentation to the new R6 support in roxygen2

charlatan 0.3.0

CRAN release: 2018-10-18



  • fixes for PersonProvider for locale fr_FR: fix accents; avoid awkward french names; now can do double first names; removed some duplicate names (#35) (#83) from @kylevoyto
  • remove leading and trailing whitespace in JobsProvider and PersonProvider where found; and remove some blank suffixes for fa_IR PersonProvider (#88) (#91) from @kylevoyto
  • standardization of locale names to always be xx_XX where first two letters are lowercase and second two are uppercase (#90) from @kylevoyto
  • change locale for Danish/Denmark from dk_DK to da_DK to comply with ISO-3166 (#93) from @MartinMSPedersen
  • fix Danish phone number formats to match phone numbers actually used there (#93) from @MartinMSPedersen
  • remove duplicates and sort names across PersonProvider for various locales (#96) from @MartinMSPedersen
  • mention similar packages (#72)

charlatan 0.2.2

CRAN release: 2018-07-06


  • run examples conditionally if packages installed for packages in Suggests: iptools and stringi (#82)

charlatan 0.2.0

CRAN release: 2018-07-04


  • new package author:
  • gains ElementsProvider and associated methods ch_element_element() and ch_element_symbol() for getting element names and symbols (#55)
  • gains InternetProvider with many methods, including for domain names, urls (and their parts), emails, tld’s, etc. (#66)
  • gains MiscProvider with methods for getting locale names and locale codes (#69)
  • gains UserAgentProvider for user agent strings (#57)
  • gains FileProvider with methods for mime type, file extension, file names and paths (#59)
  • gains LoremProvider with methods for words, sentences and paragraphs (#58)
  • JobProvider gains Finnish locale (#79)


  • mention usage in the wild in README (#54)
  • change behavior when a locale doesn’t have a data type from erroring to a zero length string (#64)
  • switch to markdown docs (#68)
  • fix PersonProvider for locale en_GB - we were ignoring probabilities of different names (#63) (#75)
  • fix ColorProvider: generate only the 216 colors in safe web colors ( - and fix method for generating hex colors (#18) (#42) (#76)
  • fix to have safe_color_name within ColorProvider be sensitive to locale (#17) (#77)
  • packages stringi and iptools moved from Imports to Suggests - not required for package use now unless a few specific methods used (#71)
  • AddressProvider gains methods street_name, street_address, postcode, and address. in addition, various fixes to AddressProvider (#62) (#80)

charlatan 0.1.0

CRAN release: 2017-06-16


  • Released to CRAN.