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charlatan 0.6.0

This release changes the internal logic of the package to make it easier for you to contribute. One of the greatest strengths of charlatan, and its spirit brothers faker (in python) and faker (in perl), is the ability to customize realistically looking data in many locales. But it was not so easy to add locales that were very different from en_US. This release aims to make it easier for you to add new locales for your favorite data types.


Previous versions of {charlatan} used special logic to load in locale-specific data, and this worked great, but requires every locale to use the same naming conventions and required a lot of work across all locales of that provider if you only needed that change for one locale.

Since version 0.6.0, locale specific Providers inherit from a Parent provider with basic functionality for that Provider type, and more specific functions for a locale are moved into that locale. For example, if you are Spongebob Squarepants, and all of your addresses are required to have a fruit in the street name, this is now possible by overriding the address function for the spongebob squarepants locale only. See the revamped contributing vignette for more info.


  • Added a new vignette with more detailed examples of data simulation.
  • A new baseclass BareProvider creates all of the selection and fill-in functions.
  • The BaseProvider inherits from the BareProvider and provides locale specific functionality. Functionality of BaseProvider remains the same.
  • All Parent providers will error when you try to init them.
  • Locales inherit from a Parent provider, giving us the ability to customize every locale (when needed) without changing the logic for all locales.
  • Every provider (when it has locales) has at least an en_US locale.
  • Ability to create specific functions for your locale specific provider. Example: Are first and last names not used in your locale? you can now create specific functions for your locale. Example: the Japanese locale now has first_kana_name (for example ヒロキ), last_kana_name functionality next to the romanized names.
  • all locales have labels so they are connected in the docs. You can now see all NZ Providers in one overview.


  • Removed the siren functionality from CompanyProvider (it was only used in the fr_FR locale and we can provide phone numbers with the PhoneProvider.


  • All locale specific Providers fall back to locale en_US if there is no version of this locale provider and will warn you if they do.
  • Reworked development vignette
  • added locale-templates for addresses, colors, company, internet, job, lorem,person, phonenumber and ssn.
  • added the following functionality to fraudster: address, company, element, element_symbol, file_name, email, url, mac_address, lorem_paragraph, ssn
  • add print method so the providers print nicely in the console.
  • All data fields are moved to private to reduce visual clutter.
  • Added docs for languages like czech-language turkish-language.


  • None

charlatan 0.5.1

CRAN release: 2023-09-13


  • added a SSN number generation process for en_US, addition by Neal Furtz (@nfultz)
  • Changed maintainer of the package to RMHogervorst


  • Fixed a failing test on r-devel

charlatan 0.5.0

CRAN release: 2022-08-18


  • InternetProvider adds new methods ipv4 and ipv6 via the new suggested package ipaddress (#112) thanks @davidchall
  • AddressProvider and JobsProvider gain new langugage locale nl_NL (#118) (#119) thanks @markbaas


charlatan 0.4.0

CRAN release: 2020-01-24


  • gains new vignette “Contributing to charlatan” - given that it can be complicated to contribute, this vignette should make the process easier (#49) (#84)
  • InternetProvider gains new method slug (#67)
  • MiscProvider gains two new methods boolean and null_boolean (#70)
  • es_PE locale support added to PhoneNumberProvider (#108)
  • en_NZ locale support added to AddressProvider, InternetProvider, and PersonProvider (#109)
  • main vignette gains examples on using the MissingDataProvider thanks to @KKulma (#110)
  • PhoneNumberProvider gains support for locales: dk_DK, en_NZ, id_ID, th_TH, and tw_GH (#100)
  • each R6 provider gains new method allowed_locales() - the exported character vector of allowed locales for each provider has moved inside of the R6 class in $private because there’s no reason for the user to modify allowed locales - allowed_locales() reads this vector for each provider


  • convert all documentation to the new R6 support in roxygen2

charlatan 0.3.0

CRAN release: 2018-10-18



  • fixes for PersonProvider for locale fr_FR: fix accents; avoid awkward french names; now can do double first names; removed some duplicate names (#35) (#83) from @kylevoyto
  • remove leading and trailing whitespace in JobsProvider and PersonProvider where found; and remove some blank suffixes for fa_IR PersonProvider (#88) (#91) from @kylevoyto
  • standardization of locale names to always be xx_XX where first two letters are lowercase and second two are uppercase (#90) from @kylevoyto
  • change locale for Danish/Denmark from dk_DK to da_DK to comply with ISO-3166 (#93) from @MartinMSPedersen
  • fix Danish phone number formats to match phone numbers actually used there (#93) from @MartinMSPedersen
  • remove duplicates and sort names across PersonProvider for various locales (#96) from @MartinMSPedersen
  • mention similar packages (#72)

charlatan 0.2.2

CRAN release: 2018-07-06


  • run examples conditionally if packages installed for packages in Suggests: iptools and stringi (#82)

charlatan 0.2.0

CRAN release: 2018-07-04


  • new package author:
  • gains ElementsProvider and associated methods ch_element_element() and ch_element_symbol() for getting element names and symbols (#55)
  • gains InternetProvider with many methods, including for domain names, urls (and their parts), emails, tld’s, etc. (#66)
  • gains MiscProvider with methods for getting locale names and locale codes (#69)
  • gains UserAgentProvider for user agent strings (#57)
  • gains FileProvider with methods for mime type, file extension, file names and paths (#59)
  • gains LoremProvider with methods for words, sentences and paragraphs (#58)
  • JobProvider gains Finnish locale (#79)


  • mention usage in the wild in README (#54)
  • change behavior when a locale doesn’t have a data type from erroring to a zero length string (#64)
  • switch to markdown docs (#68)
  • fix PersonProvider for locale en_GB - we were ignoring probabilities of different names (#63) (#75)
  • fix ColorProvider: generate only the 216 colors in safe web colors ( - and fix method for generating hex colors (#18) (#42) (#76)
  • fix to have safe_color_name within ColorProvider be sensitive to locale (#17) (#77)
  • packages stringi and iptools moved from Imports to Suggests - not required for package use now unless a few specific methods used (#71)
  • AddressProvider gains methods street_name, street_address, postcode, and address. in addition, various fixes to AddressProvider (#62) (#80)

charlatan 0.1.0

CRAN release: 2017-06-16


  • Released to CRAN.