This is a summary method for cfWind objects.

# S4 method for cfWind
summary(object, calm_wind = 0)



a cfWind object.


a single number containing the wind speed that is considered calm.


A dataframe is returned containing the percentage of calm days (wind speed >= calm_days), percentage of variable days (wind speed = 990), and quantiles from the empirical cumulative distribution functions for each CliFlo station at which there is wind data.

See also

plot.cfWind for default plotting of clifro wind data, and cf_query for creating cfWind objects.


if (FALSE) { # Retrieve maximum wind gust data at the Reefton Ews station from CliFlo # (public data) reefton_wind = cf_query(cf_user(), cf_datatype(2, 2, 1, 1), cf_station(), start_date = "2012-01-01-00") class(reefton_wind) # cfWind object # Summarise the information summary(reefton_wind) }