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The concstats_shares function is a helper function making it easier to convert numeric variable into individual shares. This might be convenient for larger vectors.


concstats_shares(x, na.rm = TRUE, digits = NULL)



A non-negative numeric vector.


A logical vector that indicates whether NA values should be excluded or not. Must be either TRUE or FALSE. The default is TRUE. If set to FALSE the computation yields NA if NA values are present.


Numeric. A non-null value for digits specifies the minimum number of significant digits to be rounded in values. The default is NULL and will use base R print option.


A numeric vector in decimal form.


concstats_shares is a helper function. The user can manually convert or provide numerical vectors of shares or use constats_shares.


# a vector of loans (without special characters, e.g. currency symbols)
x <- c(538572286.08, 481096.77, 161914143.03, 128796268.59, 69055940.72)
concstats_shares(x, digits = 5)
#> [1] 0.59920 0.00054 0.18014 0.14329 0.07683
# a vector with NA values
x2 <- c(538572286.08, 481096.77, 161914143.03, 128796268.59, 69055940.72, NA)
concstats_shares(x2, na.rm = FALSE, digits = 5)
#> [1] NA