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Low-level wrappers for the git-credential command line tool. Try the user-friendly git_credential_ask and git_credential_update functions first.


credential_fill(cred, verbose = TRUE)

credential_approve(cred, verbose = TRUE)

credential_reject(cred, verbose = TRUE)



named list with at least fields protocol and host and optionally also path, username ,password.


emit some useful output about what is happening


The credential_fill function looks up credentials for a given host, and if none exists it will attempt to prompt the user for new credentials. Upon success it returns a list with the same protocol and host fields as the cred input, and additional username and password fields.

After you have tried to authenticate the provided credentials, you can report back if the credentials were valid or not. Call credential_approve and credential_reject with the cred that was returned by credential_fill in order to validate or invalidate a credential from the store.

Because git credential interacts with the system password manager, the appearance of the prompts vary by OS and R frontend. Note that credential_fill should only be used interactively, because it may require the user to enter credentials or unlock the system keychain. On the other hand credential_approve and credential_reject are non-interactive and could be used to save or delete credentials in a scripted program. However note that some credential helpers (e.g. on Windows) have additional security restrictions that limit use of credential_approve and credential_reject to credentials that were actually entered by the user via credential_fill. Here it is not possible at all to update the credential store without user interaction.


# \donttest{
# Insert example cred
example <- list(protocol = "https", host = "",
  username = "test", password = "secret")

# Retrieve it from the store
cred <- credential_fill(list(protocol = "https", host = "", path = "/foo"))
#> $protocol
#> [1] "https"
#> $host
#> [1] ""
#> $username
#> [1] "test"
#> $password
#> [1] "secret"
#> attr(,"class")
#> [1] "git_credential"

# Delete it
# }