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Populates the GITHUB_PAT environment variable using the git_credential manager, which git itself uses for storing passwords. The credential manager returns stored credentials if available, and securely prompt the user for credentials when needed.


set_github_pat(force_new = FALSE, validate = interactive(), verbose = validate)



forget existing pat, always ask for new one.


checks with the github API that this token works. Defaults to TRUE only in an interactive R session (not when running e.g. CMD check).


prints a message showing the credential helper and PAT owner.


Returns TRUE if a valid GITHUB_PAT was set, and FALSE if not.


Packages that require a GITHUB_PAT can call this function to automatically set the GITHUB_PAT when needed. Users may call this function in their .Rprofile script to automatically set GITHUB_PAT for each R session without hardcoding any tokens on disk in plain-text.