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The fields are those defined by the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI), defined at The template produced by this function is in json format which can be manually edited to provide metadata for a deposit.


deposits_metadata_template(filename = NULL)



Name or full path to local file where template is to be written. This file will be created. If a file of that name already exists, it must first be deleted. The file extension '.json' will be automatically appended.


(Invisibly) TRUE if local file successfully created; otherwise FALSE.

See also


filename <- tempfile (fileext = ".json")
deposits_metadata_template (filename)
#> Edit the file [/tmp/RtmpWYw9lo/file68c187596e6.json] and remove everything except the metadata fields you require.
#> The filename may be then passed as the 'metadata' argument to a 'deposits' client.
# then edit that file to complete metadata